Mon Nounours

Every child in France has a special friend or “doudou” that they carry around with them wherever they go.  Often they can be a special ‘nounours’ (teddy bear).  This has inspired these little carry beds with a miniature teddy bear that the child can carry around with them and play with them or put them to bed when they do as well.  The bears come in an assortment of colours to choose from.  Each bear is made of 100% natural Linen on one side (teddy bear is awake) and of coloured cotton fabric on the other side (teddy bear is asleep in his pyjamas).  

A matching Big Nounours is also available.

Please specify colour requested of Nounours when ordering.  Current colours available (see pictures below):

  1. -White Linen

  2. -Ecru Gingham

  3. -Baby Blue Dots

  4. -Indian Cotton Stripes

  5. -Pink Flowers

  6. -Purple Flowers

  7. -Ecru Stripes

  8. -Spring Flowers

  9. -Valentine’s Day Special

Other colours and sizes can be custom made and ordered upon request.

Size - Carry Bed and Little Nounours:

Bed: approx 12 cm x 10 cm / Little Bear: 9 cm tall

Price: $15 ($20 personalised)

Size - Big Nounours: 18 cm tall

Price: $12 ($17 personalised)

The carry bed for the Little Nounours and the big Nounours can be personalised with the child’s name upon request.  Please note that a maximum of 8 letters in order to fit. ($5 extra for personalisation)